Wednesday, 19 May 2010

napaljene ribe

The next thing I heard was Jacob letting out a big sigh of relieve. He then told me thank you, and that he needed that very much. I told him, no need to thank me, and that I enjoyed it too. We sat there talking about different things. The whole time we were talking, I had my hand in my napaljene ribe pussy, and I was rubbing my clit. Jacob had a way of making me horny all the time. Just hearing his voice was driving me wild. I wanted to cum again for him, so I finally said to him, “Jacob this whole time we have been talking, I have been rubbing my pussy, and I am about to cum.”

“You bad little slut, you were holding klinke jebuljeout on me, I should spank you for that.”

“You know I love to be spanked, so that would not be much of a punishment for me.” I said as I giggled.

There was a few seconds of silence, then I heard, “Well maybe I should tie you over the back of my chair, and tease you with my feather.”

Only if Jacob knew how much the thought of him tickling me with that feather was turning me on. I could picture myself bent over the back of his chair, and him running the feather up and down my inner thighs. My body was starting to shake, and I was breathing real heavy. I started to pump my toy harder and harder in my pussy. I was not sure how much more I napaljena riba could take. I told Jacob to tell me to suck his cock.

“Suck my cock my little slut. Suck me dry of all my cum. You know you want all my hot cum. Don’t you?”

“Yes master I need your cum so bad. Please give it to me. I want to taste your cum.”

As I was saying this to Jacob, I was guzate jebacicesliding my toy in and out of my pussy faster, and with my other hand I was pinching my nipple. I was pinching and pulling on my nipple, which was really driving my pussy wild. I’m not sure what it is, but when I or some one else plays with my nipples, it drives me wild. Jacob told me he was stroking his cock again, and wanted to cum again with me. He started to talk dirty to me, telling me that I was his little bitch, and that I needed to cum like the cock sucking bitch I was. He knew I loved it when he talked dirty to me, he knew it turned me on real bad. As I was pushing my toy in and out of me, I was pumping my hips up and down. I then placed my napaljena klinka nipple in my mouth, and began to suck on it. I loved how it felt to suck on my own nipple.

“Oh my god Jacob, I’m cumming!” I screamed, as I was coming.

“That’s it my little slut, cum for me, let me see those juices flow out of you.”

Just as I was cumming, I looked over, and saw Jason standing there. I had forgotten when he rented the room that they gave him a key too. I was not sure what to do, so I just laid there, and waited to see what sisate devojcicehe was going to do. To my surprise, he climbed on the bed, and began to lick my clit. He loved to eat his dessert (as he puts it). As Jason was licking my clit, he was pushing my toy in and out of me. I was not sure if I should tell Jacob about Jason being here. So I covered the phone receiver, and whispered to Jason that I had Jacob on the phone, and that we were having a phone fuck. Jason stuck his index finger up to his lips, and said, “Shush.”

I looked down at him, and napaljene klinke smiled. I was trying to act normal on the phone with Jacob, but it was getting harder to do. I was starting to breath heavier and heavier. Jacob asked me if I was alright, I said I was fine, but I wasn’t. I was needing to cum so bad, but was afraid I would scream, and Jacob would find out what was going on. I finally looked down at Jason, and told him I could not do this. He nodded his head at me.

“Jacob there is something I need to tell you. For the last ten minutes Jason has been here licking my pussy, and I am about to cum.”

“You naughty little slut you. I can’t believe you kept that from me. Well my little slut cum for me, cum in his mouth for me.”

Jason shoved my toy in me one last time, as he bit down on my clit. I came, and I filled his mouth up with my juices. Just then I let out a big sigh, Jason looked up at me, and told me that he loved how I tasted. I had almost forgotten that I had Jacob on the phone. I told him thank novosadske klinkeyou for the best phone fuck I ever had, and that we would have to do it again soon.

After I got off the phone napaljene jebacice with Jacob, I grabbed a hold of Jason, pulled him, up to me, and kissed him. Then I whispered in his ear that I wanted to suck his cock. Jacob laid on the bed next to me, I got up on my knees, then I slowly slipped his cock into my mouth. I could feel his veins pulsating in my mouth. I started to slowly pull his cock in and out of my mouth, as I rubbed it against my tongue. As I reached the tip of his cock, I ran my tongue across it, then I slapped it against my tongue.

“Dam Breann, that feels so good, please don’t stop!”

“Oh baby I’m not done yet, I need to taste your hot cum!”

I slapped his cock against my tongue again, then I shoved it deep in my mouth. I almost gagged on it, as I shoved it deep in my mouth. I so loved how Jason’s cock filled my mouth, he was so big, I was not sure how he fit all the way in my mouth, but he does. I started to suck on his cock, as I pulled his cock in and out of my mouth. By now Jason was napaljena jebacica really starting to moan, and his body was shaking. The more he moaned, the harder I sucked. I was so eager to taste his cum. I loved how it felt to have Jason shoot his cum deep in my mouth. The way it shoots into my mouth like a water fountain, shot after shot. I started to suck sisate mameharder and harder on Jason’s cock, I really needed to feel his cum shooting in my mouth.

“Oh my Breann I’m cumming! Suck all my hot cum out of me please.”

I began to really suck on his cock now, then I felt what I was longing to feel all night, Jason shot his huge load klinka jebacica in my mouth. Squirt after squirt, he shot that hot cum deep in my mouth. A little bit had dribbled out on to my lower lip, so I took my tongue, and licked it off. I loved how his cum tasted, in fact I could drink his cum all day.

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